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Website Design & Development

Need a straightforward INFORMATIONAL website with clear       

and simple navigation? 

Customized “NO FRILLS” websites... with content that sells!

I specialize in creating affordable, innovative, high-quality, professional 'NO FRILLS' websites for SMEs in the Outaouais/Ottawa area. I can tweak what you already have or create something brilliant from scratch! No matter how small or how large the project - from a single page 'poster’ style website to a ‘corporate brochure’ type website - I work to the same high standards of design, site usability and customer satisfaction. Putting text and a couple of graphics on a web page is easy. Designing a site that is eye-catching, stands out from the crowd, loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and coded to be search engine friendly is a nightmare - for the average person. But, I am not your average person... nor am I your average web designer! With a solid background in advertising, marketing, public & media relations, I have the distinct advantage of being able to provide not only my skill and expertise in aesthetically appealing creative design work but also dozens of years of creating text (content writing) that sells products and/or services! The information included will be presented in a clean and professional manner.

Search Engine Optimized websites that load quickly (from Mac

to PC - from laptops to tablets to smartphones)!

Your website will be optimized for search engines, and images will be fine-tuned to provide a balance of clarity and speed. Your website will also be meta-tagged to provide site specific keywords to make it more likely to be found by search engines. Your webpages will be fast loading, not testing the patience of visitors by forcing them to wait for large, slow loading graphics or photos. Your visitors will quickly see what you are about and what you have to offer!

Competitively priced websites

I will design a website to your specs and quote a price based on your unique requirements. How much a project will cost depends on the ‘scope of work’. I ask for budget and deadline specs when you request an estimate, then work with those figures to create a competitive quote that will not stretch your budget or your timeframe.  PRICING
Keeping it simple... A website provides a natural extension of your business, and the best ones are the most simple - the ones without the bells and whistles! The ones that load quickly and focus the visitor on your products and services. When a visitor enters your website, they want to have a rapid understanding of what you are offering as well as be able to easily navigate your site. A smart and relevant 'NO FRILLS' website design will not only generate sales but also provide a service to your loyal customers. It should support and/or strengthen: your identity your business message your products or services (through  a combination of copy & images) the ability to contact you the ability to purchase goods or services from you I can design and build your website (from concept to completion) to function as an online marketing brochure or branding tool, inviting visitors to learn about your company and its offerings. This is the right design choice if you expect potential clients to call or visit, after sourcing and finding your website online. I operate from a fully equipped home office, so - wherever you are - I can work with you!              REQUEST QUOTE
Website Design